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Africa group consists of 20 multidisciplinary volunteers and has been continuously active since 2013, implementing to date 9 systems, in 8 schools, providing clean water to over 5,000 children and staff in Babati District, Tanzania.

Organization and Mission

 Africa Group focuses on providing drinkable water to communities in rural regions in eastern Africa, who lack access to water or drink unsafe water which leads to serious health risks. Our solution of rainfall harvesting systems provides clean drinking water year-round, in a sustainable manner. 

The team works in full cooperation with the local community water authorities, while implementing extensive educational WASH programs for the local students, stressing the importance of clean drinking water and personal hygiene.

The Tanzania project started after an Israeli traveler was exposed to the medical problems and daily difficulties facing children and residents in the villages. In the Northern part of Tanzania, drinking water is scarce, and, when found, contains an extremely high concentration of fluoride. High fluoride concentration in drinking water causes severe medical issues, especially in children, such as skeletal deformities, dental problems, and more.

Over the years, the team has developed a unique low-tech rainwater harvesting system that can be easily installed and implemented in regional schools. the school's roof can store enough water to meet the needs of the children and staff throughout the dry season. Filters and chlorine tablets ensure that the children drink clean water.

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