Our Organization

EWB is an international, non-profit organization working to significantly improve the quality of life in developing communities while cooperating with members of the local community

The Tel Aviv branch was founded in 2011 and has since been active in a variety of projects, with the Tanzanian project as its main project

Our Mission

"Africa Group" focuses on providing drinkable water to communities in rural regions in eastern Africa, who lack access to water, or drink unsafe water which leads to serious health risks. Our solution of rainfall harvesting systems provides clean drinking water year-round, for free, and in a sustainable manner.   

Since 2013 we have implemented 7 rainwater harvesting systems in 6 schools, providing clean water to over 3000 children and staff members!

The work is done in full cooperation with the local community, while implementing educational programs for the local students, stressing the importance of clean drinking water and personal hygiene.

Meet The Team

our team is divided into four different sub-teams, each focusing on a different aspect. The technical team is responsible for planning and building the water systems. The education and community team manages the relationship with the community and is responsible also for accessing the system and for educating for healthy and proper water consumption habits. The strategy team is responsible for measuring impact and finding new goals, and finally the PR team, who is responsible for making connections and raising donations for the various projects.

Between work and study our sub-teams meet weekly, discuss daily tasks and their progress, and solve obstacles along the way (and there are many). In the busy routine, we all find time and energy to dedicate ourselves to our mission, working many hours together to plan new systems, research new villages and schools, and form new collaborations.